Compatible 10N0016 no.16/ T0529

Print approx 500 pages
  • The black 10N0016 no.16/ T0529 remanufactured high capacity inkjet cartridge will get your printouts looking professional as ever
  • The blank inkjet cartridge is fully guaranteed to be long lasting for all home and business users
  • You also get fast Delivery within Ireland all the time for all you printing needs
  • Each remanufactured 10N0016 is guaranteed to be filled to capacity with Grade A Ink producing high-density blacks for sharp characters, with no fail
  • The 15ml packed black inkjet cartridge delivers professional looking results each and every time
Price:£7.50incl. VAT

ink cartridge details

If you need ink that delivers high-quality blacks, go for the remanufactured 10N0016. A highly dense, pigmented ink for professional print outputs, all the time. The 15ml filled 10N0016 black inkjet cartridges are the same as the original being engineered professionally with state of the art processes. Get great black representations for your home or business use creating crisp and sharp looking characters that will last you a long time. Get it through fast UK delivery but with high quality print-outs that work with your Lexmark Jetprinter 1130 Lexmark Z601 Lexmark Z605 Lexmark Z23 Lexmark Z24 Lexmark Z25 Lexmark Z33 Lexmark Z34 Lexmark Z35 Lexmark Z515 Lexmark Z603 Lexmark Z617 Lexmark Z600 Lexmark Z602 Lexmark Z615 Lexmark Z612 Lexmark Z25L Lexmark Z604 Lexmark Z23e Lexmark Z517 Lexmark Z654 Lexmark Z640 Lexmark Z500 Lexmark X1150 Lexmark X75 Lexmark X74 Lexmark X1130 Lexmark X1160 Lexmark X1100 Lexmark X1140 Lexmark X2230 Lexmark X1180 Lexmark X72 Lexmark X1110 Lexmark X1170 Lexmark X2240 Lexmark X1190 Lexmark X1185 Lexmark X1195 Lexmark X1155 Lexmark X1270 and Lexmark X2250 printers.

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