Compatible c6615 no.15 Compatible Printer cartridge for HP Printer

Compatible c6615 no.15 Printer Cartridge is guaranteed to work with HP PSC 500 with fast delivery within UK

Compatible c6615 no.15

Print approx 500 pages
  • C6615-no-15 High Capacity Black remanufactured inkjet cartridge busting with ink to the brink
  • Deep discounted price and guaranteed to last 1 year
  • Filled to maximum amount to bring top quality printouts
  • Ideal for home, office and professional printing
  • Fast UK delivery
  • Contains non-clogging ink for high performance printing
Price:£14.00incl. VAT

ink cartridge details

Boast the highly dense, quality pigmented ink your C6615 (no.15) remanufactured high capacity inkjet cartridge produces. Show off each printout to your colleagues with the professional looking prints you get, page after page. The black inkjet cartridge will always give you crisp, sharp and true blacks with long-lasting quality. It is guaranteed that you will get prints the same as the original with each cartridge undergoing re-engineering with only state of the art processes. Affordable prices and only using high yield 40ml ink will surely get you to purchase the black C6615 (no.15) remanufactured high capacity inkjet cartridge. Compatible with the HP Deskjet 810c HP Deskjet 812C HP Deskjet 3810 HP Deskjet 3816 HP Deskjet 3820 HP Deskjet 3822 HP Deskjet 920c HP Deskjet 920cxi HP Deskjet 920cvr HP Deskjet 940 HP Deskjet 940cv HP Deskjet 916C HP Deskjet 940C HP Officejet 5105 HP Officejet 5110 HP Officejet V30 HP Officejet V40 HP Officejet V45 HP Fax 1230 HP PSC 750 HP PSC 950 HP PSC 750xi HP PSC 2120 HP PSC 700 HP PSC 720 HP PSC 760 HP PSC 900 HP PSC 750xi HP PSC 940 HP Deskjet 816c HP Deskjet 840c HP Deskjet 842c HP Deskjet 843c HP Deskjet 845c HP Dig Copier 310 and HP PSC 500 models.

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