HP (Hewlett Packard) HP (Hewlett Packard) Ink Cartridges

The 51649 no.49 compatible printer inkjet cartridges is guaranteed to work with the HP (Hewlett Packard)

51649 no.49

Print approx 350 pages
  • 51649-no-49 Remanufactured Colour inkjet cartridge busting with ink
  • Deep discounted price
  • Filled to maximum capacity to bring photographic quality
  • Ideal for home, office and professional printing
  • Guaranteed to last 1 year
  • Fast UK delivery
  • Contains non-clogging ink for high performance printing
Price:£6.21incl. VAT
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The 51649 no.49 remanufactured high capacity inkjet cartridge will take care of all your coloured printed needs. The non-clogging colour cartridge makes printing vivid and sharp images a breeze. The high capacity, high yield ink that it uses produces a smooth blend of each colour that creates extraordinary hues. Expect high quality in every print just like the original through every re-engineered 51649 no.49 inkjet cartridge. The professional looking colour copies it will produce are ideal for all your business and home printing needs. Get the most out of each drop from the 21ml maximum amount in every coloured ink cartridge you will purchase. Try it with the HP Deskjet 600C HP Deskjet 660c HP Deskjet 670c HP Deskjet 672c HP Deskjet 680c HP Deskjet 682c HP Deskjet 690c HP Deskjet 692c HP Deskjet 694c HP Deskjet 695c HP Deskjet 697c HP Deskwriter 660 HP Deskwriter 670c HP Deskwriter 600 HP Deskwriter 680 HP Deskwriter 694 HP Officejet 500 HP Officejet 520 HP Officejet 570 HP Officejet 580 HP Officejet 590 HP Officejet 600 HP Officejet 610 HP Officejet 630 HP Officejet 700 HP Officejet 710 HP Officejet 720 HP Officejet 625 HP Officejet 635 HP Officejet 725 HP Fax 910 HP Fax 920 HP PSC 350 HP PSC 350c HP PSC 370 HP PSC 380 HP Deskjet 610C HP Deskjet 612C HP Deskjet 640C HP Deskjet 642c HP Deskjet 615C HP Deskjet 630C HP Deskjet 648C HP Deskjet 656C HP Deskjet 390c and HP Deskjet 632c printers for maximum compatibility.