Install the print cartridge

1. If you are installing a new cartridge, remove the sticker and transparent tape completely from the bottom of the cartridge.

Warning: Do not touch the gold contact area on the back or the metal print cartridge nozzles on the bottom.

For a photo cartridge, remove the cartridge from the storage unit first.

Note: Do not discard the storage unit, as it can be used to hold the photo cartridge if you replace it with a black one.

2. Unless it is already open, press down on the cartridge lever to raise the cartridge lid.

3. Insert the black cartridge or photo cartridge in the left carrier or the color cartridge in the right carrier.

4. Snap the lid closed.

Note: If you are installing both cartridges, repeat steps 1 - 4 for the second cartridge.

5. Close the access cover.

Note: The access cover must be closed to start a print job.

From your printer:

When a cartridge change is detected, you will be asked if an alignment page should be printed. To align cartridges:

1. Make sure that Yes appears on the display.
2. Press the Select button to print an alignment page.

From your computer:

1. After installing the cartridges, open the Lexmark Utility. The Auto Alignment dialog appears.