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Jetprinter 3000

Ink Cartridges Lexmark Jetprinter 3000

These High capacity compatible inkjet cartridges 13400HC, and 13619HC are guaranteed to work on Lexmark Jetprinter 3000 with fast UK delivery.

  1. Black

    Jetprinter 3000
    Black Ink Cartridge 13400HC

    • 13400HC black inkjet cartridge busting with ink for top printing results.
    • Each cartridge is assured to last for a year
    • Fast UK delivery
    • Filled to maximum capacity to yield more printouts
    • Highly durable and lasts longer
    Price£7.50incl. VAT

  2. Colour

    Jetprinter 3000
    Colour Ink Cartridge 13619HC

    • 13619HC Coloured inkjet cartridge busting with ink produces true colour printouts
    • Delivers high colour for rich and clear printouts
    • Guranteed to last 1 year
    • Low prices and fast UK delivery
    • Contains non-clogging ink for high performance printing
    • Filled to maximum capacity to yield more printouts
    Price£8.00incl. VAT

  3. Jetprinter 3000
    XX13619400HC COMBO (6)

    • Top quality XX13619400HC-COMBO-6 comes with 3 X 13400HC 3 X 13619HC
    • Deeply discounted price
    • Filled with maximum amount of Grade A ink
    • Quick UK delivery
    • Guranteed to last 1 year
    Price£74.66incl. VAT

  4. Lexmark Inkjet Cartridge CREATE YOUR OWN COMBO
    • B
    • C

    Jetprinter 3000

    • Hottest combo offer High capacity X13619400HC COMBO compatible ink cartridges with ink to the brink
    • Lowest Price Guaranteed
    • Maximum amount of ink in cartridge
    • Fast UK delivery
    • Each cartridge ensures high quality printing results
    Price£74.66incl. VAT

    Buy 6 or more for £12.44 each and Save -55%

Jetprinter 3000